War Songs


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It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you without a crunk beat to step to.


released August 5, 2016

Lyrics/concepts/vocals/art: DeadMatt
Lyrics/production/vocals/art: WolfMatt



all rights reserved


xBRUTALCOREx Savannah, Georgia

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Track Name: War Songs
Almost 2000 days
That’s almost 5 years
Since the bass bumped loud enough to rupture your ears
You thought crunkcore was gone
But it never fucking died
So wear your neon colors and your hair straight with pride

Lmaonayse Bethoven’s rolling in his grave
We won’t conform to all your standards or be your fucking slaves
We do what we like, we’re Hot Topic’s Bonny and Clyde
So either fuck off or feel free to join the ride
We’re going straight to the top
With no signs of stopping now
No longer writing anthems
We’ve got war songs full of power
So load up your BMDs
That’s “Beats of Mass Destruction”
Slaying all the haters
Mass population reduction


This is crunkcore revival
You read it in your bible
Open up to Revelations
Crunkcore for all the nations
This is crunkcore, jihad
Straight from the mouth of god
We have war songs in our hearts and we will not spare the rod

Absolute zero pulse with no sign of breathe
we are the fucking arms on crunkcore's chest
pushing, pushing down to make it compress
but mouth to fucking mouth is what this guy likes best
I never thought it would come to this
my mouth breathing new life into crunkcore's lips
dropping rhymes like bombs out of army airships
destroying every town and leaving everyone pissed

It's a long bike ride from here to anywhere
but we've got jetpacks now and we can drive on air
doing tours up to washington state
the bermuda triangle to the pearly gates
slap ameliea earhart a high five
oops, I think we caused her plane to nose dive
put it in reverse, see if she's still alive
time travel now, put the speed up to 85
or was it 88? take me to 2009
when I first heard screaming on a beat from Brokencyde
They said it back then that crunkcore would never die
Call it a zombie cuz we brought that bitch back to life
Track Name: Sound The Alarm
Sound the alarm I think they’re looking for us
I’m calling out the posers using crunk as a crutch
You’re rhymes are watered down and your lyrics are shit
Your bite may be worse than your bark, but you bite like a bitch
so here’s xbcx coming at you with an additude
you better drop the act now before I go and get mad at you


The club’s going up every time that we’re in town
If you step to us you best believe it’s going down

Second amendment
Suckas better stop pretending
Flexing skill, straight up a legend
and out of shape is how you’re bending
Sucking wind you can’t keep up
I’m running circles round this track
My future’s brighter than the sun
While all the haters fade to black
You got no prose, a faded style
Your simple thoughts just ain’t worthwhile
I’m straight up sly as a fox
Call my flow the theme of Guile
I go with anything, I’m everywhere
Matthew Omnipotent
I make it rain in the Sahara
You can’t even pay your rent

Get your shit wrecked
We’re breaking necks
We’re cashing checks
Track Name: Juggle Them Debbies
Girl you got the Zebra Cakes
That make the ground shake
Or is that your ass?
Call it an ass quake
I don't mean to sexualize
Your oatmeal cream pies
but just like my eyes
They're going straight to your thighs
You probably never had a nutty bar like this
grab the wrapper give your debbies a twist
don't grab the honey buns with your fingers, use the whole fist
c'mon girl, lemme give those debbies a kiss

CHORUS: Girl get on the floor and lemme (juggle dem debbies) Come on bitch, I know the Twinkies heavy. Girl get on the floor and lemme (juggle dem debbies) Come on bitch, I know the Twinkies heavy.

You ain't a hostess and you sure as hell ain't bimbo
debbies so little I call em sam and frodo
So work them just deserts, shake it, you’re the dairy queen
I’ll take you to candy land, you’re debbies make a grown man scream
I’m gonna come down this hill, watch my boston cream roll
Sweet as sugar, pecan pie, I feel the debbies in my soul
Not my shoes, you’re pulling on my heart strings
Don’t take this the wrong way, but girl you make my dong ding
(Girl, eat up the devil cream, eat up the devil cream)

I found your glory hole Fill it up with swiss cake rolls
I can't help it girl Them debbies make me lose control
Be your banana twin, make those pecan wheels spin
strawberry shortcake, when you gonna let me in?
Track Name: Ca$h Baby
Started from the top never was at the bottom
i’m in love with the bills like i’m hillary rodham
money comes first and i wait till later
your boy’s premature, chronic masturbator

the hills are alive with the sound of cha-ching
while my neck weighing down with the gold bling bling
got so much money i don't know what to do with it
sometimes I eat money I don't gotta buy food with it

I'm in love with the gold like my names scrooge McDuck
Didn't have to work for it, it was all good luck
I guess there's a reason why they call this shit fortune
now turn up the bass and hit the distortion

drop the temp real low for this cold hard cash
They call me ATM cause I've always got a stash
Watch the dough rise up like a pizza being baked
Now lemme hear you sing if you enjoy being paid

do you like moolah
cash money
I got so much green that it ain't even funny
do you like dough
dolla bills
why ain't you livin like me in beverly hills

(verse 2)
Trust fund, so fun
Every cash baby got one
Rollin stacks like marbles
You motherfuckas got none
You’re sending men to the moon
But I just bought NASA
Making it rain outta T-Shirt blaster

Some say money is the root of all evil
But I’m badass as fuck, you can call me Knievel
You’re lying if you say money can’t buy happiness
You motherfuckers mad cuz you’re poor and ain’t having this

Money grows on trees and I have a green thumb
I got so much cash, you can come and get some
Psych! I’m just playing, got no time for charity
You’re looking like bum and it’s pure hilarity

Stacks so high, they won’t pass a drug test
i got Dollars and cents in my family crest
Cruising in a Bentley while you’re struggling with rent
Living’ in a castle, you can call me freddy prince

(verse 3)
Throw me a life preserver cuz I’m drowning in money
Using Benjamin’s as tissues when my nose gets runny
You looking like a spring when your checks keep bouncing
We keep turning up but you gotta turn down some

got less than zero dollars you just got an overdraft
making green pinatas, you can call it arts and cash
we Wearing baggy pants weighed down by fat wallets
Your financials looking cancerous that shit's got polyps

So much money
I got so much money
Track Name: One Man Army (Feat. Ryan Lawhon)
(verse 1)

There’s a war going on and we’re all taking part
whether you want to or not this war is our art
Stand up for what you believe in
Grab your guns, grab your ground
and don’t ever leave

We won the battle tore down
They’re now at our feet admitting their defeat
But this war isn’t over until we say it is
This war done till everyone wins


We’re all soldiers in a one man army
So let’s unite through our common ties
We’re all soldiers in a one man army
So let’s destroy these bridges that divide

(verse 2)

Solidarity is something that we shouldn’t avoid
If we don’t work together all this work will be void
Cling yourselves to each other and build up a wall
By All Means, a brick house is the last one to fall
No we won’t build ourselves out of glass
just so these kids can throw stones as they pass
I want the whole thing, not only the frame
If I stand by myself it just isn’t the same

(Verse 3)

This isn’t child’s play, I’m done playing games
This is the last time I’ll let you see my face
We’ve won the battle, but the war isn’t done
If you think I’m close to finished, I haven’t even begun
We come from different worlds, but our dreams are constant
And we won’t quit until the opposition’s exhausted
You better believe that it’s us here at the top
And we’re never backing down, better bring your best, cuz this is not a test
This is war
So when the sun sets and the world lays to rest
We will keep our hearts beating with the pulse of our breath
And the throne is so close this time
This is survival of the fittest, only we will survive
So get up!
Track Name: Shotzzz
(verse 1)

i’m sipping and swerving
don’t know which way my car is turnin
Take another couple shots
Drink it up til my throat is burnin’

chugging on this beam
make my shoulders lean
who’d i fuck last night
was her name irene

I want sex on the beach
i ain’t talking bout girls
cheap booze out the bottle
whisky rulin’ my world

super hot fire
speech is slurring now
brain cells are dying
all this shit’s slowin down


I like shots
we don’t turn down for shit
If you’re looking for a party
Motherfucker, this is it

I pop bottles
while the girls pop their asses
loosing all my functions
thinking slow as molasses

(verse 2)

Grab another bottle and pass it my way
put it on my tab I'll probably never pay
Yeah I've got the money but I ain't closing it
infinitely turning up I don't know, what day is it?
It's never closing time I ain't ever going home
the club is poppin now dance floor filled with foam
Got two girls on my arm
or is it just one
vision so blurred
Think I'm bout to have a threesome

(verse 3)

party till you puke
passing’ out in the gutter
if this drink was any cheaper
I would call it your mother

They told me not to drunk dial
I’m booty calling’ your bitch
I’m faded as fuck
and I forgot the lyrics
Track Name: Wolf
you wolf
you took me to the backroom
stripped me of my dignity
as i made my way to you
creature of the night and i can tell
those eyes yeah you’ve got me under your spell

It can’t get any hotter, so baby put me out
put your body next to mine like you can’t do without
girl The way you work it, is just so bittersweet
love to watch you come hate to see you leave

st-st-st-stuttering, you got me tongue tied
no one has to know let’s make this our little white lie
give me what you’ve got, i’ll give you what i can
ready for action, don’t wait around for plans

i don’t know what you’re doing
but You do it so well
the way you move that body
you put them boys through hell
Track Name: Vultures
Eat sleep die repeat

I can’t stand you around me
It’s not all that astounding
I’m just a man with a mask and a gun
That’s all I ever was

I can’t stand the sight of you
I can’t stand the smell of you
Or anything you ever do
That boy you call a man with you
Girl, you make me sick, you make me fucking sick

She broke your heart so replace it with hers
take what’s left of the corpse and feed it to the birds
They look hungry, so feed them


Vultures feeding off that leech
Leeches feeding off the weak

Everything that was now is gone
It’s gone

My head says it knows, but the heart gets confused
I no longer mind cuz you’re the one that’s being used
Track Name: Shenanigans
(verse 1)

Girl it’s your night
Red carpet, silver screen
Leave your friends behind
They’re going straight to DVD
Kicking it high class, rolling in the limousine
This night will make you wish you had a time machine


Don’t stop
Let it rise up to the top
When the night is over, we’ll turn back the party clocks
Booze and friends
No the night will never end
Crank up the enjoyment
and let the real fun begin


Girl I don’t have time for all of these shenanigans
Get your back off the wall, stop acting like a mannequin
The club’s blowing up and everybody’s panicin’
Let’s go back to my place, hit the lights, and roll the tape again

(verse 2)

I bet you never thought you’d see your name up in lights
Popping’ champagne first class new york to paris flight
Party so hard we make the red-eye ignite
So let’s make like a plane and go down in the night

Girl, you know that I want it
Girl, I know that you need it too
Girl, give it up, we’re gonna do this right now, so let’s just stop with these shenanigans

(verse 3)

Sticky, sexy, sweaty, hot
Music makes the bodies drop
iced out chilled down
another frigid night in town

sticky sweaty sexy sweet
don’t know what you do to me
lit up on fire
sex that makes me perspire